Art in the Park

Nagoya Gardens

Match Box Gallery - Solo

Lucy Barker, Customs House, Sydney

Match Box Gallery

Rodney Love, Hyde Park

Match Box Gallery

Luis Martinez, Flying Duck, Melbourne

Match Box Gallery

Luis Martinez (L) and Monika Behrens (R) Match Box Gallery, Melbourne

Match Box Gallery

Peter Humble with his Friend and Gallery, Japan Foundation

Match Box Gallery

Simon Cooper after RAIA Artist Talk

Match Box Gallery

The Journey... so far, ATVP, Newtown

People to People, Place to Place

M. Kyriakou, Z. MacDonell, L Shedlezki, Gosford Regional Gallery

Match Box Gallery

by Benedict Ernst at Bondi Beach




25 Australian Artists and Curatorial Teams have curated/created a series of works for Solo Match Box Galleries which we have toured through the public domain on the way to visiting their studios and exhibitions. The galleries have also been presented at our Art in the Park Events and in People to People, Place to Place Exhibitions where collaborating artists have joined us in exchange programs and artist talks.

For the works of our collaborating curatorial teams and Artists press on the individual links below:

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Lucy Barker

Monika Behrens


Mark Brown

Simon Cooper

Hamilton Darroch

Benedict Ernst

Paul Green

Adam Hill

Peter Humble

Michael Kempson

Mary-Anne Kyriakou

Rodney Love

Zoe MacDonell

Match Box

Luis Martinez

(late) [ant mrav]

Louis Pratt

Chizuko Saito

Leanne Shedlezki

Symple Creative

Jennie Tate

Tony and Francois