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我们是双胞胎姐妹,Leanne和Naomi Shedlezki,来自澳大利亚悉尼的视觉艺术家。 我们第一次来中国,创作一系列的作品通过上海居民的眼睛洞察上海。



Instructions - Chinese chinese

墨尔本居民创作的墨尔本肖像请看这里: Melbourne City Portrait



想要欣赏其他作品,请在这里观看作品页(英语)Works/Projects pages



Encounter......Shanghai (i)

Match Box Projects (Leanne and Naomi Shedlezki)

闭幕活动:9月23日 周四 6点到11点

展览期:9月22日周二 到 9月23日周四

时间:周二到周四 上午10点到下午6 周四 上午10点到晚上11点

地点: 上海市中山南路 505老码头)创意/ShiftStation


手机 13585621141 或

Shift Station由一个老的货运集装箱改造的,在上海世博会吉祥物海宝的旁边,路边就能看见。


Shift logo with link to online media article about opening exhibition James Estate Wines Australia



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We are twin sisters, Leanne and Naomi Shedlezki, a visual artist duo from Sydney Australia. We are currently in China for the first time, creating a series of works looking at the identity of Shanghai through the eyes of her residents.

For those that are taking part in our Shanghai City Portrait series by creating a small scale work for the matchbox we gave you, instructions can be found here


Examples of what the people of Melbourne, Australia created for our Melbourne City Portrait can be found here

We will be located at Shift Station/Cool Dock from 21-23 September where we invite you to join us and share your stories of Shanghai with us, view the photos we have taken, and see all the matchbox portraits the people of Shanghai deliver to us over the three days.

Details Below:

Portrait Celebration: Thursday 23 September 18.00-23.00

Portrait Creation: Wednesday 22 September – Thursday 23 September

Time: Tues-Wednesday 10am-6pm Thursday 10am - 11pm

Venue: ShiftStation@The Cool Docks, No.505 South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Address in Chinese 地点:Shift/Cool Dock 中山南路505号老码头

A map to the venue is above. Shift is in a old shipping container right next to the big blue statue of the Expo Shanghai Mascot "Halbou" which can be seen from the road side.

Whilst in Shanghai we can be contacted by mobile on 13585621141 or via

Hope to see you soon,

Leanne and Naomi

This project is supported by:

Shift logo with link to online media article about opening exhibition James Estate Wines Australia