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Tokyo meeting points

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Match Box Projects: People Make Places Tokyo _ Tokyo Jungle

We will be having a number of pop up/meeting points over the next week where one can pick up and deliver their matchboxes. You are also welcome to suggest a time and place to meet us.

Look back here OR our News Page for details. Or Join our LINE to contact us anytime:

私たちはこれから12月20日まで 多くのミーティングを行います。みなさんがPeople Make Places のプロジェクトのために、マッチボックスを取りにきてもらったり、届けてもらうためのミーティングです。

いくつかのイベントについては私たちのブログに載せますが、フェイスブックやLINEで、頻繁に載せていきます。どなたかオススメの場所はありますか? もしオススメの場所があれば私たちに教えてください!

私たちのLINEグループ, 私たちがどこでイベントを行なっているかを更新していきます。もしくは、私たちにメールなどでいつでも連絡してください!

LINE/WhatsApp/TEL: + 61 410 331 600 (Australia)

E-mail: matchboxprojects(at)

Wednesday 13 December

5pm-7.30pm: Coutume Cafe

107-0062 Tokyo, Minato, Minami Aoyama 5-9-15

3 minutes wallk from the Omotosando Koban

(please buy 1 item per person)

Thursday 14 December

Please contact us if you would like to join us for lunch at 11.30 at Scent House Den, Marunouchi. (contact us if you are coming)

Friday 15 December

AM to early afternoon: Ebisu Area

6-7pm Starbucks, Tokyo Omotesando

8pm onwards - contact us to meet up

Saturday 16 December

9.30 am-11.15 am
Le Café Doutor Ginza, Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chūō, 銀座5‐7‐2 三愛ビル1F

11.30-1.30 unavailable

Late afternoon: Look back here closer to Day for location

EVENING - to be decided

Sunday 17 December

AM/PM/EVENING - to be decided - lets meet up!

Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 December

AM/PM/EVENING - to be decided

IMAGE: Match Box Projects, People Make Places Tokyo: “Tokyo Jungle”

Match Box Tokyo Meeting Point Suggestions.. どなたかオススメの場所はありますか?

Sunday, December 10th, 2017


(English below)

繋がる、創る、共に創り出す;ポップアプポイントと、クリエイティブワークショップの場所 どなたかオススメの場所はありますか?



CONNECT CREATE COLLABORATE: Locations for Pop Up Delivery Points and Creative Workshops? Can you suggest one?

Our Pop Up Delivery Points are held at places recommended by our local participants. To date they have ranged from parks, cafes, galleries, museums, restaurants and community centres to people’s homes, apartment rooftops, private members clubs, empty shopfronts and at public events and festivals - all of which have been free of charge to access or generously donated. If you know of a great location for a Pop Up that we can utilise for a couple of hours, or even a day or two during our stay, please let us know. Our Pop Ups take up a table or two in each venue. Depending on the place and size, we generally bring 1-10 Time Capsules from around the world with us to share with everyone. We often sit around a long table or a few tables where participants can share their matchboxes with each-other and/or create their boxes. Often locals visiting the venue at the time are curious and they also join in and create their own magical boxes on the spot.  The project is very inviting and celebrates inclusivity and diversity and there is always lots of love in the room!

If you would like to recommend a place contact us.

LINE/TEL/WHAT’S APP: + 61 410 331 600 (Australia)

Keepers House, Royal Academy London/Sikka Duba/Arthurs Pizza Sydney/Home in Tokyo/ Alive office, Lane Cove/Pop Up Shop, Mosman / RSL, Deniliquin

TOKYO MATCH BOX MEETING POINTS 東京ミーティングポイント=『ポップアップデリバリーポイント

Monday, December 4th, 2017

TOKYO MATCH BOX MEETING POINTS 東京ミーティングポイント=『ポップアップデリバリーポイント

People Make Places Tokyo - Night Festival by Ayumi

We will be having a number of pop up/meeting points over the next two weeks where one can pick up and deliver their matchboxes.

Look back here for details


join Facebook page and event Match Box Projects.

If you are on LINE join our group to find out where we will be. Line ID phone number is +61 410 331 600 (Australia).

#1 first Pop Up:

Monday 4 December/12月4日

Lawn Coffee /コーヒー・ロン

1-2 Yotsuya Shinjuku, Tokyo
〒160-0004 東京都新宿区四谷1丁目2

MAP here.

We will most likely be upstairs

People Make Places Tokyo: “Night Festival” by Ayumi
This matchbox represents the happiness of the town Ayumi lives in in Tokyo (the chinese character on the lattern is for happy town). Ayumi loves going to the night festivals of Tokyo, where many people attend in traditional Japanese clothing.