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Deniliquin Ute Muster/Play on the Plains Festival

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Deni Ute Muster Gates
Match Box Projects Yute (more of Yute can be seen on works and projects pages)

We recently created and presented work for our People Make Places: Deniliquin series at the Deniliquin Ute Muster, one of the largest national rural themed festivals in Australia. Over 18 000 people came together to celebrate the Ute and Australian culture.

Ute Traffic Jam
Utes come in from all over the country, and boy are they prepared.

People spent days in their utes before the event even started. They lined up on the side of the road and camped out to make sure they got a great position to set up at the festival. The traffic jam at 6am on opening day was phenomenal.

Characters - Ute Muster 2011
We met so many wonderful characters.

Blue Singlet Competition
Every year they have a blue singlet world record attempt. Unfortunately they were not successful in breaking the records this year, but it was an amazing attempt, especially considering the wet and muddy conditions.


Mateship was every where

xxxx girls
xxxx girls

The ultimate utes

Utes come from all over the country to enter various ute competitions.

Match Box Projects: Yute Muster

Meant a lot of fun, but mud galore.

There were mud fights happening everywhere.

Concert Time
The rain did not stop 1000s coming out for the evening concerts

Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole
Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole

the morning after

The morning after…


“What is in the back of your ute”

We were really fortunate to have an Apollo Camper on site with us. It definately was the place to stay in the muddy conditions. Many festival goers informed us of the diverse objects they put in the back of their ute. More about this project later..

We thank Apollo Motorhomes, Arc@COFA, Australian Glass Group, Deniliquin Ute Muster, Edward River Glass and Aluminium, Kata, Manfrotto, McClean Beach Caravan Park, SanDisk and Rodes for their support.

Project supporters

Special thanks to Pat from P & I Engineering, Sydney and Daryl Whately, the McAllister Family, and Tarria Moore for helping us make it happen.

This project has benefited from an Arts & Design Grant courtesy of Arc@UNSW Ltd (University of New South Wales)