People Make Places Invitation


We are currently creating People Make Places, a project which brings people together to consider their own sense of place and celebrate and deepen mutual understanding of diverse rural and urban regions across the globe. To date 3,500 people from Melbourne, Sydney, Shanghai, Deniliquin, Mosman, Venice, London, Berlin, Edinburgh, Dubai, Adelaide, Cannes, Amsterdam, Paris, Lane Cove Brisbane, New York and San Francisco are participating. They have created miniature matchbox impressions of what they wish to share with the world about where they live.

We are currently in Sydney and are heading to Tokyo later this month. We warmly invite those living/studying and/or working in Sydney and Tokyo to create something responding to your region for one of our Match Box Projects boxes. It can be anything that represents your city, from an image to an object, a piece of writing, something made or something long as it fits inside the box...(and complies with the instructions below to enable us to travel with your creation through international customs).

If you live in other regions, we welcome you to join the journey if/when we get to your neighbourhood.

All are welcome to follow our journey via our facebook, instagram and/or e-register

Looking forward to seeing you and your city's/town's impression soon.


Leanne Shedlezki and Naomi Shedlezki


PDF Instructions here (2 A4 Pages)



Matchbox Instructions



1. Create something responding to where you live for inside one of our matchboxes. Works created in line with the below will travel with us to introduce your locality through the eyes and hearts of those in your region.

• Create your work in landscape format - it will be displayed horizontally
• Use materials that are safe to travel internationally through airport customs eg no liquid, sharp objects, food, flora, fauna etc
• Glue/adhere materials inside the box. Do not include small fragments that tend to become unglued eg no glitter and no sand.
• Only create something for inside the box. Please do not colour, create or stick anything on the outside of the box or include anything that needs to be unfolded,
• Your work will presented in public spaces, therefore must be be appropriate for all ages to view.

NOTE: If you have yet to recieve one of our boxes - dimensions of the box are on the photo above. We will be happy to give you a box when we meet. In the meantime feel free to prepare something slightly smaller than the above dimensions - you can adhere it into one of our boxes when you recieve it. (works created can only be placed into our personal original matchboxes)


2. On the back of the box write your:

• Full Name
• Mobile (cell) phone number - if you haven't a mobile write home phone no
• E-mail address
• Title of your work
• Where & when you received your box
• Please leave enough space for us to write the time and date you return your box


NB: please provide us with contact e-mails/mobile numbers you expect to have for at least 5 years. See 7

3. Delivery Points.


Our next Match Box Pop-Up Depot is on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November in Paddington. At this depot you will be invited to share your matchbox with others who are returning theirs, before it enters a Time Capsule which will travel around the globe - first stop Tokyo! Please text 0419 388 108 with the date you can attend and we will text you the address. If you are unable to attend, please advise and we will arrange to collect your box another day


When you have finished creating your work, please contact us via e-mail with your name and contact details. We will then invite you to our t Match Box Rendezvous we are having in Tokyo over the first weeks of December.

NOTE: When meeting us please ensure you have ample time for us to photograph your hands with your box and record your voice (see 4 and 5 below).



0410 331 600 (+ 61 410 331 600)


0419 388 108 / (+ 61 419 388 108)


For those that didn't have the chance to deliver their matchboxes, please keep them in a safe place until we return to your region

4. Photography

When delivering your matchbox we will photograph you and your matchbox (minimum photography will include a photograph of you with your hands - see below image examples from Venice Portrait). Please allow ample time to drop your matchbox off, as there maybe others waiting to be photographed too.


5. Voice Recording

When you deliver your matchbox we would greatly appreciate it if we could record your voice. This will allow the blind and visually impaired to "see your box" and enable others to gain a further insight into your impression of your city. The recording will include the title of your box, a detailed description of what you have put inside it and why. (There is no minimal time limit - but we prefer your statement to be 30 seconds to 1min30seconds long).

6. Copyright

When delivering your matchbox to us, it becomes a permanent contribution to our portrait series as part of People Make Places and you will be automatically assigning copyright of same onto us (Leanne Shedlezki & Naomi Shedlezki aka Match Box Projects). This will allow us to share it with the world and permit us to exhibit, photograph, video, publish and present it in public/private exhibitions, in press, in print, in video/multimedia works/ catalogues, on our website/blog etc.

7. bARTer/ Exchange Gift

Please keep the cover of the box in a safe place. On completion of our Places Series we will contact you to present you with an exchange/bARTer gift to go inside your original cover.

8. If you have any questions please contact us



NAOMI 0410 331 600 / + 61 410 331 600

LEANNE 0419 388 108 / + 61 419 388 108


If you have friends/family that would like to take part in our project, please let them know they are welcome to pick up a box when you deliver yours.

We are looking forward to receiving your matchbox and seeing you soon.

Thank you,

Leanne Shedlezki and Naomi Shedlezki


You are welcome to follow the project via our instagram and facebook pages